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Monoblock Batteries

Mono Block Battery 12V 244Ah Deka ProMaster 8C12
Mono Block Battery 12V 244Ah Deka ProMaster 8C12 1

Mono Block Battery 12V 244Ah Deka ProMaster 8C12

BM 12V 244Ah 8C12
Price: 349.00€ EUR331.55€ (IVA inc.)
Discount 5%
Reference: BM 12V 244Ah 8C12


High quality battery for solar energy. High capacity 12V battery, 244Ah, ProMaster 8C12, build by the American company DEKA BATTERIES.

The DEKA range of AGM batteries offers reliability with few maintenance for 12V applications. They are especially appropriate for renewable energy installations, marine and caravanning and in all applications that require frequent deep cycles and where minimum maintenance is required.

Dimensions: 394x178x362 mm

East Penn is the world´s largest and most modern independent battery manufacturer. East Penn Manufacturing makes thousands of different sizes and types of lead-acid batteries, battery accessories, and wire & cable products for virtually any application. Since 1946, they have developed an enviable reputation for world-class quality products made in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.


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