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The other day I wrote about the good news in the photovoltaic sector for the paralysis of the “toll of support.” It was common sense that a law should not prosper, but we all know that often it is absent, so we were scared.

And although the news is very good, we can not avoid the damage that politicians have done in the people planting seeds of doubt: should we buy solar panels? The answer is yes, you have to buy cheap solar panels, not only because they are the future as other countries of the European Union show us (and even with the current political and disastrous policies, the hope for a better political future yet we have lost), but it is our ethical duty to the fight for alternatives to the exploitation of natural resources environment. Therefore, because we know that solar energy is the cleanest PV energy there, we must fight for it.

But we understand the doubts, so we have been morally obliged to show you that ours is a trusted site and make a gesture that will transmit this confidence, our solution has been to offer our product lowered to half price, to show that there or cheap solar panels (photovoltaic panels), and we sell us. For though there are those who try to go against progress, they can not fight against common sense and against the planet.


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