The CNE wants to allow users to buy solar panels for their homes

The CNE wants to allow users to buy solar panels for their homes

After the draft new Royal Decree that the Ministry of Industry wanted to implement, where they wanted to put an invented tax called “backup toll” to solar installations, including subsistence, it has reached the CNE to bring sanity to the matter.

1st.- It is against (and proposes to annul) the backup toll 2nd.- proposes to extend the period of legalization of facilities (from 2 months to 6 months) 3rd.- Reduce the infringement (from “very serious” to “SERIOUS” ) 4th.- Calls clarify the issue of the bi-directional meter installed

In general, the market had been waiting for what was going on, because the incredible draft worried all stakeholders concerned in renewable energy. And finally, someone with a voice like the CNE has been allowed to see light on the matter and give hope that we can all make our own energy without paying any fee. And although sometimes late, common sense usually prevails against the vested interests.

For our part we can only present our catalog of cheap solar panels.

Update 2020: After the approval of the Royal Decree of self-consumption 244/2019 (BOE) it is already possible to have a compensation for the surpluses of our solar photovoltaic installation so that our electricity bill is reduced also with the electricity produced but not self-consumed

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