The commitment to renewable energy: major countries

Between 2003 and 2012, the planet’s temperature has risen 0,78ºC with respect to that achieved in the preindustrial era. At least this is what they say the data used by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) that warns that the trend will continue as usual in the coming periods, a promotion can occur between 2,6ºC and 4,8ºC. The consequences for the planet Earth will not wait.

Among the future actions, the historic agreement reached at the Paris Summit. 195 countries gathered in this stood as environmental target limit emissions to curb rising temperatures. This is the first universal agreement in the history of the negotiations on the climate.

The mandatory target set contemplates that the average temperature of the Earth is well below 2 ° C at the end of the century. The Paris agreement comes into force in 2020 and already point is not sufficient to achieve this objective.

However, there are a number of countries that have already made a strong commitment to renewable energy, specifically by the solar panels. Then we will see some examples of their progress.

Countries are strongly committed to solar energy

Germany. World leader but installed power since the solar panels generate only 5.7% of the country’s electricity. However, it is still remarkable that remains one of Europe’s leading countries in installed capacity.

China. Country contaminated as they come. As in the Indica, in China coal remains deeply rooted. However, they are making great efforts to make the leap to renewables. Solar energy in China has experienced a rise of 74%. Renewables account for 30% of the electricity mix in the country, ranking first the wind. Solar capacity rises while coal fell by 3%.

U.S. A country characterized at present by the huge investment being made in renewable. 2016 is a year that Americans and marked as milestone in its commitment to solar energy. They will install nearly 10 gigawatts. To get an idea, already exceed the natural gas. The general plan Obama is the politics surrounding this investment. Though the subsidies were given came to an end, it seems to extend to 2019.

Spain. Although it is among the top ten producing countries, only reached 5% in the total solar energy in the country.

In short, in terms of investment, China, Japan and the United Kingdom are the ones who invest.

With respect to the installed power and not the percentage achieved, the top positions are [classified by continent]:

In Europe: Liechtenstein, Germany and Italy

In America: USA, Canada and Bahamas

Africa: Cape Verde, South Africa and Mauritius

* This latest ranking is 2015 and was supplied by the association Solar Super State.


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