Solar energy: a clean and renewable energy

Which means that energy is renewable? Although it is a well-known concept, we want to influence the definition of this term and take this opportunity to praise the qualities of solar energy. Renewable energy comes from natural energy sources that are not depleted and are regenerable. Renewables are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, […]

Google is betting on solar energy

While Spanish politicians have been trying to put sticks to the wheels representing the future investment in renewable energy and more particularly in solar, large economic giants like Google are betting the maximum renewable energy. Most recently, Google announced that it will expand its solar power plants, adding six additional plants that have a budget […]

Spain in the world ranking of renewable energy production

Renewable energies produced 16.7% of the world’s energy in 2011, with 8.5% of energy produced from traditional biomass and 8.2% produced from all other technologies, mainly solar and geothermal energy. China, the United States, Brazil, Canada and Germany, followed by India, are the countries with the greatest capacity for renewable electrical energy production, including hydroelectric […]

Photovoltaic and Sustainable Energy consumption

When we speak of photovoltaic consumption we refer to a recent and important step towards a new energy model. In Shop-solar, conscious by saving energy, we have always been committed to new energy models, so we propose a catalog of products related to renewable energy, which in turn represent a change in the way it […]

Renewable Energy with problems

The last few weeks have left a bitter taste to all those feeling renewable as the only way to push this country (Spain). Last Friday the government repealed the decrees of renewable raw that were key to a flourishing industry in this country at the time. We must clarify that while the new facility does […]

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