Good news for photovoltaic solar energy!

More solar panels can be purchased!

And the “back-up toll” will be stopped further

Today the BOE published the Order FOM/1635/2013 updating the Basic Document DB-HE “Energy Saving”, of the Technical Building Code, which establishes a minimum photovoltaic contribution of electrical energy in new buildings.
This revision of the DB-HE will lead to the banishment of any initiative of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism to its “proposal” of Royal Decree of Self-consumption and its “backup toll”, simply because you can’t pretend to charge for something that is being forced on you by a Law of European rank.
15.5. Basic requirement HE 5: Minimum photovoltaic contribution of electrical energy in the buildings thus established in this CTE shall incorporate systems for capturing and transforming solar energy into electrical energy by photovoltaic procedures for own use or supply to the network. The values derived from this basic requirement shall be considered as minimums, without prejudice to stricter values that may be established by the competent authorities and which contribute to sustainability, taking into account the characteristics of their location and territorial scope.

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