The government wants us to pay for the sun

After the biggest cut in the support to the renewable energies sector made by any government in the world, last July 12th, with the approval of the Royal Decree-Law 9/2013, which adopts urgent measures to guarantee the financial stability of the electrical system, the government of this banana monarchy in which we live has proposed that WE PAY TO USE THE SUN.
Not content with repealing any law that has given protection in this country to the development of renewable energies, denying the premiums that it once offered as support for the viability of the projects, it has brought out a proposal for a Royal Decree to regulate the production of electrical energy from renewable energy sources, in which it intends that WE PAY TO HAVE AN INSTALLATION, a monthly fee, regardless of whether the electrical network is used or not.
That is if you install the famous solar panels to consume your own electricity, and without pouring anything into the network, you will pay a fee for what your own installation produces.
Technically this is nonsense. The excuse of the canon is that the network we all use it and we have to pay it between all, understanding by network the present use and the famous debt (without auditing) of the tariff deficit that we have with the electrical ones.
To understand this, let’s say you have a pure self-consumption facility (without dumping anything on the grid) that produces 200 kWh per month. If you didn’t have it, you would take that 200 kWh from the grid. That 200 kWh would have traveled through the grid and would have used the grid to get to your house. In the case of having the solar installation, that 200 kWh have been generated and consumed in your house, then you have not used the network at all, and on top of that you have avoided that 200 kWh traveled through the network.
But even so, you must pay a toll for those 200 kWh, which with the proposed numbers would be 13.50 euros plus VAT and plus any taxes you may have. And as if that were not enough, the value of the toll can be set by the ministry as it sees fit.
To see even more in perspective the barbarity … At current market prices, a solar photovoltaic system that would produce those 200 kWh, we would pay in 6 years at a rate of about 40 euros per month. This means that the government has made legalized installations cost a third more.
All this nonsense leads to the conclusion; am I going to legalize my photovoltaic solar installation?
Let the reader answer this question, we cannot…

Update 2020: After the approval of the Royal Decree of self-consumption 244/2019 (BOE) it is already possible to have a compensation for the surpluses of our solar photovoltaic installation so that our electricity bill is reduced also with the electricity produced but not self-consumed

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