Is it advisable to change the contracted power of your electricity supply when installing solar panels?


When we install photovoltaic solar panels we get an energy saving that can change the electrical power needed to use our appliances. In this article we talk about this topic and the advantages of solar energy.

Is it recommended to change the contracted power of electricity?

Last April happened a record price for the cost of electricity. This caused average bills to rise by more than 11% compared to the previous month and by 28% compared to the same period last year, causing each consumer to pay 7 euros more on average compared to the previous electricity bill.

For this reason, more and more consumers are opting for the installation of solar panels, since despite the initial investment, thanks to the free energy from the sun, it is possible to achieve significant savings. This is why Spain is currently experiencing a real revolution in the midst of the ecological transition, as the number of homes with solar panels has increased considerably.

What happens to the electrical power if I install solar panels?

The contracted electrical power is the maximum number of kilowatts that we contract to pass from the point of supply to the electrical installation so that we can use our elec

trical appliances normally without activating the ICP (Power Control Switch). With the new regulations on solar energy, we can install an electrical power different from the one we have contracted.

As a consequence of the savings from not using the electrical grid during the day, we can change the contracted electrical power to achieve savings in the fixed part of our electricity bills. And if, in addition, we combine this with the contracting of a tariff with hourly discrimination to pay less for the light during the night, the saving by installing solar panels presents a very high margin.

What are the advantages of installing solar panels?

Thanks to the new regulations on self-consumption, installing solar panels in our home has great advantages. Below are some of these advantages:

  • The sun tax is eliminated, so you will no longer have to pay a special tax for using the sun’s free, clean energy.
  • Self-consumers will be able to dump excess energy captured into the grid and get a discount on their electricity bill for the equivalent of energy dumped.
  • A company with solar panels will be able to rent its solar farm to a third company and share the profits generated from solar energy.
  • Communities of either owners or companies in an industrial area will be able to share the benefits of a solar panel park and divide these benefits among them.
  • The limits to the installed electrical power are eliminated, so that more than the electrical power contracted with the electricity supplier can be installed.

In the news you can find more tips on how to save energy in your home.

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