It has been created a Calculator that will tell the photovoltaic producers what exact revenue they will collect

PRESS RELEASE. The calculator comes to solve the chaos generated after the Electricity Reform, translating to detail the interpretation by the Ministerial Order IET 1045/2014 for each PV system.

The mysterious invention of the Valencian company Tienda Solar, Broken down into a detailed remuneration report per year from the beginning to the end of the useful life of each PV system by simply entering basic information about it. How they do it is a secret they do not want to reveal his technical adviser but ensures that the data are 100% accurate.

Following the imposition of the new guidelines for the remuneration of photovoltaic producers imposed by Ministerial Order IET 1045/2014, the appearance of different documents in Excel to calculate the estimate of income, it has been the general trend of searches on the web for producers worried about their situation. Documents never gave such an accurate character and limited to provide the parameters that can already read in the ministerial order which makes it a difficult task to interpret.

The Valencian company Tienda-solar has had the opportunity, through its technical adviser, to develop an effective and accurate system and put it at the service of photovoltaic energy producers. According to what they say, after a long time working on the formula and the calculator design, they can finally provide a system that will help to control expenses of any person who has invested in solar energy and who are in a situation of uncertainty following recent legislative changes.

The problems caused by the Ministerial Order IET 1045/2014

Since the first regulatory changes in 2010, photovoltaic producers have continued to take hits and obstacles to collect production and achieving benefits. However, renewable just joined for the delivery of “Fabra report” to the CNMC with the aim of putting pressure on power and strengthen its position that argues that the deficit is not caused by renewable energies.

From the main electrical utility companies, represented by UNESA, the tariff deficit payment is attributed to renewables, a fact that contradicts the “Fabra report”, in which the actual cost has had renewable energies in Spain is compared to the extraordinary benefits received by utilities. The report concludes that utility companies are responsible for the tariff deficit that led to the electricity reform in 2013 and 2014.

The Tienda-Solar Calculator is a direct consequence of this situation that arises because, according to his technical adviser, a company working in selling solar panels and is directly affected by the unrest and uncertainty generated in the sector.

The website, where can be accessed the Calculator aims to solve the current information requirements that occur after the onset of the Ministerial Order IET 1045/2014 of 16 June, in the field of photovoltaic production “The Order determines the compensation PV producers receive each year from the National Commission on Competition and Markets (CNMC), and this depends on a number of estimates and calculations derived from the Installation Type (IT) assigned” He defends his technical adviser. “From there, the actual revenue that producers receive depends on parameters of the corresponding installation type and characteristics of the installation itself. The data and estimates, therefore, cannot be known in advance without these preliminary calculations carried out by the calculator. ”

Automatically, the calculations show revenues that can be collected by the Investment Remuneration (Ri) and by the Remuneration to the Operation (Ro). It also provides the cost (O&M and general costs) estimated by the Ministerial Order for each installation and for each year, serving as a guide to whether the costs are having a company are adequate.

Although the operation of the calculator is a mystery, its leaders hope that the work was worth it for their customers and PV producers in general, who can have total control of their data based on actual expenses. According to the coach of the Valencian company, producers can check in the generated report, how profitability calculation is exactly the one set as a reasonable rate of return: the famous 7,398%. Using the calculator is totally free.




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