Make a solar panel is very expensive

How to make a solar panel is more expensive than buying

If we seek to experiment with solar energy, we can serve as an experience to learn how a solar panel works. If we are looking to save money, as often happens in life, what you pay.

If we analyze the various possibilities offered various internet tutorials to make your own solar panel are based on purchase at an affordable price make us solar cells and module assembly.

Based on the solar cells, we have to make the connections between them and mount the panel sandwiched. On the front glass that lets light, enveloping cells, ie a layer in front and one behind two layers of EVA, a transparent encapsulant material is mounted. And finally, to complete the module by hand from behind a Tedlar layer, which acts as rearguard is placed.

To give strength should all be placed in a frame. In many tutorials auto manufacturing this frame is wood.

The prices of the materials found on the web to make our own panel are very diverse. The main element, which are the cells, can be found for 30-35 euros a pack of about 20 cells to construct a panel of about 80W. Discontinued cells are usually broken or even manufacturers, mainly without any warranty. They usually come with strips to weld the chains of cells, and sometimes even with diodes to perform the box. We understand the unit voltages of each cell well and how we assemble them to achieve the output voltage searched. Sometimes be cut to have solar panel voltages serve us for a 12V system.

To perform the encapsulation, are also sold in the network of EVA sheets, which may be obtained for about 40 euros 10 m2 of this product.

Solar glass is harder to find, so most of the tutorials suggest using a normal glass.

All this, in the best materials only (assuming you have the necessary tools) we can cost about 70 € for manufacturing a panel 50W.

Panel you can buy a solar panel top brand with 25 years warranty for less than 80 euros.

But there is an even clearer to buy rather than manufacture it right. Solar panels have to be very robust elements, as must be working in the sun for decades. We’ve all seen what happens to objects if they are too long in the sun. That is not only essential to the quality of materials used in manufacturing is adequate. A suitable manufacturing technology is essential to cope with lifetime warranties.

In recent years we have witnessed a substantial improvement in manufacturing methods. But in previous years the solar industry has seen numbers manufacturing defects that have involved numerous massive changes in defective modules, for example the possibility that burn your box. If this can happen to a manufacturer of the first level which can not cause us without the slightest experience in the manufacture of these products.

Our advice is if you want a home photovoltaic solar module, which is like a science experiment, and if mounted on your roof … at least it is not a wooden roof that can burn…

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