Solar energy cheaper

Solar energy is converted into one of the cheapest and is positioned to exercise hegemony in price in the coming years A report this week by Fraunhofer ISE, the largest research institute of solar energy in the world, delves into the study of the cost of solar energy in different regions of the world. The […]

The keys to know what are the best LED bulbs

Choosing the correct bulb is key to having a good savings In a world of thousands of brands and models must learn to know what we seek and what is closer to our needs. The first thing is to know what features we need. Below we summarize the characteristics that determine an LED bulb: Connection […]

Renewable at war with utilities

A few days ago we had breakfast with that renewable associations raised the ‘Fabra report’ to the CNMC to put pressure on utilities. The disagreements that come from far, have gone from a previous state of “cold war” to the current open conflict. Everything starts with the growth of renewable energy in Spain when grabbing […]


2014 closed with 177 GW of photovoltaic power installed worldwide. This year alone 38.7 GW were installed, confirming the trend of unstoppable growth in the last 10 years. To give us an idea, 38.7 GW is more than 120 million photovoltaic solar panels installed only in 2014. More than 300,000 photovoltaic panels are installed every […]

PWM or MPPT solar controller

It is the device found in every solar power system that ensures batteries can be load based on the power generated by photovoltaic solar panels. That is, it is connected between the solar panels and batteries and controls charging thereof. Therefore it is also called the solar controller or solar charger. In any installation containing […]

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