How a solar water heater is made

We explain how it is one of the solar systems with better use of the sun A little history The solar water heater is one of the most primitive forms of exploitation of solar energy. Its use was first popularized in the ’20s and ’30s in South Miami, due to the high cost of heating […]

Secrets of Receipt of Electricity

What it was never told about the receipt of electricity The Spanish electricity system The Spanish electricity system, like any electrical system, is complex because nobody escapes us that electricity demand is variable. Our electricity consumption varies throughout the day, throughout the week and depending on the season … It even depends on whether it […]

Cheap solar panels, new facilities design rules

CHEAP SOLAR PANELS CHANGE THE RULES OF DESIGN OF FACILITIES IN COMMERCIAL ROOFING Optimizing a design of a photovoltaic installation for commercial roofs has changed significantly in recent years. When, 6 or 7 years ago, the price of the solar photovoltaic module was about 5 times higher than today, the design usually passed through maximizing […]

How to improve the energy efficiency of my home?

The Spanish housing suspended in Energy Efficiency. According to the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving of Energy (IDAE) over 73% has a very low efficiency. The legislation implemented in recent years by European Directive obliges the housing since June 2013, to have an energy performance certificate. An energy rating that provides housing a label, […]

Make a solar panel is very expensive

How to make a solar panel is more expensive than buying If we seek to experiment with solar energy, we can serve as an experience to learn how a solar panel works. If we are looking to save money, as often happens in life, what you pay. If we analyze the various possibilities offered various […]

Keys to understanding how photovoltaic solar panels work

Albert Einstein received the Nobel Prize in Physics for his famous theory of relativity if not for his work on the photoelectric effect, being the first to offer a theoretical explanation. The photoelectric effect was discovered, as has often happened in history, by chance. In the late nineteenth century, Heinrich Hertz realized that the electric […]

How to find the right solar panels for my RV

Caravan or RV were the first customers of photovoltaic solar panels. The need for energy anywhere made many owners of these vehicles opt for installing a solar panel on the roof of their vehicles or take them for energy wherever they decided to stop. The reason is clear, solar photovoltaic energy independence and simplicity of […]

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