Top 5 ways to use renewable energy sources

Alternative Renewable Energy cost-effective and efficient There are many ways to use renewable energies but what are the most profitable for an individual or small business? Below we explain the 5 ways to use more renewable energy economically advantageous. There are many others which sometimes can have a high payoff, but these 5 are the […]

New record efficiency for photovoltaic

The industry is already able to transform more than 40% of the energy of sunlight directly into useful electricity Recently announced a new record efficiency, in this case the call module efficiency. Usually is separated into cell efficiency, this being achieved only by the cell efficiency, and module efficiency, that which is achieved with the […]

Lies and truths about what is energy efficiency

What we mean by energy efficiency Much has been said and talk about energy efficiency, but do we really know what is energy efficiency? Efficiency is the maximization of resources for obtaining a result. We are more efficient when we use fewer resources for the same purpose or when the same resources we get a […]

The grid parity has come for photovoltaics

The costs of producing electricity using photovoltaic technology have been reduced by 80% in recent years. “In four or five years could enter the grid 30,000 megawatts at spot price if they received the approval of the operator Red Electrica” ​​says the Director of Photovoltaic Association, Mr. Jose Donoso. By now, more than twenty German […]

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