The low price of solar panels in Spain

The price of a solar panel (named commonly) just about 5 years ago was about 1,000 €, today, we find these photovoltaic modules for less than 200 €, which means about 80% lowering the price of solar panel in less than 5 years. This fall in prices on solar panels is widespread in almost […]

Photovoltaic and Sustainable Energy consumption

When we speak of photovoltaic consumption we refer to a recent and important step towards a new energy model. In Shop-solar, conscious by saving energy, we have always been committed to new energy models, so we propose a catalog of products related to renewable energy, which in turn represent a change in the way it […]


Nuclear power in the fall According to the latest report from the International Energy Agency (IEA), solar energy could be a major source of world electricity in 2050, surpassing nuclear, fossil fuel, wind, etc. The roadmaps published by the IEA are expected to reach solar PV 16% of total electricity generation and solar thermal energy […]

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