We are in the following paradox: we have cheap solar panels with which to make our solar kit tailored to our needs, but we are not sure that we were not going to charge a tax for that.

On Thursday October 31 debate and vote in the House of the Congress of Deputies to all amendments on the draft Electricity Industry Act ( LSE ).

Various associations have promoted petition against it if not remedied tax may be the first sun of history.

The amendments generally are aimed at the promotion of a renewable system so discredited by the proposed new law. The most problematic are:

  • Eliminating backup toll. The tax called the sun.
  • The introduction of compensated net balance of a year. System in place in many European and USA which offset the more electricity produced at certain times, and fed into the grid, by ” credit balance ” of consumption over a year.

We must support the net balance because:

  • reduces emissions because, being based on renewable energy (solar and small wind), thereby combating climate change.
  • For us closer to the goals of 20% of our total energy consumption for 2020 set by the European Union and we are committed.
  • For payment saves CO2 emissions to prevent spend our quota.
  • Because it favors a decentralized system, reducing energy losses by the transport of electricity through the network.
  • Because it facilitates the saving and efficient consumption of resources available.
  • Because cheapens our import bill and our dependence on fossil fuel energy-exporting countries, invoice totaling 45,000 million euros annually.
  • For employment also creates sustainable designers, distributors, assembly shops, installers …

We look at the course of events because we know how our electrical system and opacity that surrounds him.

We encourage you to sign any petition to stop this nonsense and closely follow the work of our politicians on this issue.

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