Secrets of Receipt of Electricity

What it was never told about the receipt of electricity The Spanish electricity system The Spanish electricity system, like any electrical system, is complex because nobody escapes us that electricity demand is variable. Our electricity consumption varies throughout the day, throughout the week and depending on the season … It even depends on whether it […]

The grid parity has come for photovoltaics

The costs of producing electricity using photovoltaic technology have been reduced by 80% in recent years. “In four or five years could enter the grid 30,000 megawatts at spot price if they received the approval of the operator Red Electrica” ​​says the Director of Photovoltaic Association, Mr. Jose Donoso. By now, more than twenty German […]

The “backup toll” remains unclear

Madrid, 22 July 2014.- The National Commission on Competition and Markets (CNMC) published in the Official State Bulletin (BOE) the CIRCULAR 3/2014 by which establishes the methodology for calculating transportation tolls and distribution of electricity, together with his Justification report. For those of us concerned about what will be the saga of the famous “backup […]

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