Renewable Energy with problems

The last few weeks have left a bitter taste to all those feeling renewable as the only way to push this country (Spain). Last Friday the government repealed the decrees of renewable raw that were key to a flourishing industry in this country at the time.

We must clarify that while the new facility does not get a bonus, but those years were made from the conviction of premiums over time (set in the BOE) that would make the investment in equipment to be amortized in a few years.

It is true that at some point the raw failed to adapt to lower costs in the sector and led to increased investment in solar, but truth is that was not the fault of small investors.

Not only large investment funds invested in Spain, but small savers also convinced of the benefits and the need for a paradigm shift their capital and risk consigned to a clean install.

These installers, small entrepreneurs and family investors knew nothing of speculation of the soil, the sale of connection points of the envelopes on hand for late licenses, etc, etc.

As investors in preferred, they were sure what they did, it was the guarantee of the state.

Since Tienda-solar does not want to stay with the negative side of the matter, renewable energies can not be stopped, and time will prove us right. Domestic solar energy through solar kits is already a reality. Every day that passes are cheaper, and the receipt of more expensive light. Already there are thousands of businesses and individuals that use renewable energy as a means of savings, unpaid premium, simply making their own electricity.

The change is everyone, and any poorly executed legislation is going to snatch us.

Get your Sun, if anything is certain is that will rise again tomorrow!


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