Solar energy: a clean and renewable energy

Which means that energy is renewable?

Although it is a well-known concept, we want to influence the definition of this term and take this opportunity to praise the qualities of solar energy.

Renewable energy comes from natural energy sources that are not depleted and are regenerable. Renewables are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal, hydroelectric, tidal, biomass and biofuels lies.

This renewable energy is also divided into two categories: clean and pollutant. The first are those whose sources are: the sun (solar energy), waves (wave energy), masses of freshwater to saltwater bodies (blue energy), heat of the Earth (geothermal energy), wind ( wind) energy, seas and oceans (tidal power), rivers and streams (hydropower). Polluting energy sources are those from organic matter or biomass since then used as fuel like Bioethanol or biodiesel.

Green energies are those that do not alter the environment, but help preserve the planet, so, apart from that are often more affordable and accessible, it is important to bet on them. No waste is produced, it does not use fuel (knowing what the price that the international society pays for the fuel not only ecologically but also economically and socially).

How this solar energy is obtained?

Shed light and heat from the sun through photovoltaic panels that convert this heat energy into electrical energy is captured. This energy is stored to be used later at home. Easy. Insurance.


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