Spain in the world ranking of renewable energy production

Renewable energies produced 16.7% of the world’s energy in 2011, with 8.5% of energy produced from traditional biomass and 8.2% produced from all other technologies, mainly solar and geothermal energy.
China, the United States, Brazil, Canada and Germany, followed by India, are the countries with the greatest capacity for renewable electrical energy production, including hydroelectric power production. Excluding this type of energy, Spain is among the five largest producers of renewable energy in the world, together with Germany, Italy, the United States and Japan.


Renewable energy production capacity*


Biomass Geothermal Wind Photovoltaic Solar thermal
1 China United States United States China Germany China
2 United States Brasil Filipinas Estados Unidos Italy Turkey
3 Germany Germany Indonesia Germany Japan Germany
4 Spain China Mexico Spain Spain Japan
5 Italy Sweden Italy India United States Brazil


* excluding the production of hydroelectric power

Source: Renewables 2012. Global Status Report

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