Switching to the domestic solar energy: solar panel prices

For all that you’re considering switching to a cleaner and more economical energy especially, we present our wide range of solar panels, ranging from cheaper models to high-end solar panels. And it is that like any other purchase, several factors when deciding must be evaluated. While Tienda Solar guarantees the quality of our products, we offer some variety that comes from the different brands of manufacturers of photovoltaic panels and the concrete specifications of each model.

For example, Victron, a company with a solid and indisputable reputation for technical innovation, offers a very economical solar panel, at a cost that decides to switch to domestic solar energy comes alone. You can consult the Victron Solar Panel BlueSolar v30 here. If you are interested in economic panels, the price of this solar panel is very competitive.

But for those who need a professional application of solar panels we have premium products, such as Solar Panel Solara sm420sp. You can consult your record here. This solar panel consists of modules with high-efficiency cells, to ensure professional quality and confidence, both provided with a 26-year warranty.

If you are interested in starting in the world of domestic solar energy and you are looking for a specialized and trusted online store to buy a solar kit, solar panels, batteries, solar inverters or any type of accessory for your new solar installation, Tienda Solar is your shop.
Tienda Solar, the online shop where you can buy solar panels at the best price and with the best guarantees.


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