Traditional electrical utilities tend to disappear

The democratization of energy is a fact

A few weeks ago we were surprised by a report from the world’s largest commercial bank, UBS, indicating that solar energy is already the cheapest of all-electric energy production.

The only drawback is that the Sun is not modular, so we have a need for storage if we convert solar energy into one of the major contributors to the energy mix.

The solution is obvious; batteries. But what is the cost including batteries? Clearly increases, but will depend on how well we manage the entire energy flow between production and consumption. That is why international corporations of all kinds (Apple, Microsoft or even Facebook) are investing huge amounts of dollars both in the development of new battery technologies, or improvements in manufacturing costs, and start-ups devoted to consumption management and smart-cities.

According to the report, a drop in the cost of batteries of 75% over the next 10 years is expected. It should be remembered that something similar has happened with solar photovoltaic modules, which have lowered the cost by 85% since 2007 due to its exponential worldwide installation.

This is already happening in Germany, which for this renewable always open roads, as economic regime favors renewable battery installation in the country.

And what happens in Spain?

As the Sun country is losing the natural leadership that has been awarded. A non-law-site consumption has meant that we are wasting our Sun.

What is the reason for this lack of legislation?

The same, probably, that the creation of the tariff deficit or multiple former officials of various governments are counselors in utility companies.

The lobby is powerful in Spain, but it is wrong.

The strategy of curbing renewable can be very dangerous for the Spanish electricity system as it is known now. And you can not stem the tide.

What if continues to raise the electric bill and thousands of people become disconnected from the network?

Probably nothing …

But what if 1 million consumers are disconnected?

The effect could be catastrophic because of the fixed charge start-up in order to distribute them between less system cost consumers. Which would result in more consumers are disconnected from the network. So who would pay the tariff deficit? How premiums are paid to renewable still entitled to premium?

Lord’s legislators, as it would be better to transition to a distributed generation model over the let’s see what happens strategy.

Much they like to talk about … the inheritance received. Let’s see what will be the inheritance given. Mismanagement of today maybe tomorrow’s disaster.


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