Trump’s victory is like the sun tax. And it can have similar effects!

Trump is like the Sun Tax

Yesterday’s news was undoubtedly Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the US election. But if we stop to analyze it, it is much like the tax on the Sun, both represent the success of the tactic of blaming the weak of our own evils.

The speech that has given victory to Trump focuses on blaming others for the evils of US citizens, that are foreigners, those who come from outside, who are, in the last analysis, that Trump says prevent America for being great again.

So does the Spanish government with renewable energies and with people who claim to self consume, stigmatize them as guilty of all the ills of the electricity system and blame them for a debt of which they were neither creative nor encouraging.

Paradoxically, both facts can produce the same result; Less installation of renewable energy and therefore a more polluted world on the verge of the point of no return of climate change.

For its part, the tax on the Sun discourages the installation of renewable energy, and on the other hand, apparently Trump will also.

In September Donald Trump named Myron Ebell, a climate change denier, as his candidate for director of the American Environmental Agency. In addition, the president-elect has called climate change a concept “created by the Chinese to make US manufacturers non-competitive.”

The speech to this part of the Atlantic, the one that the Spanish government intends to impose is one of “Those undesirable self-consumers pretend to save without paying the costs of the system”.

To which we must answer:

  • These self-consumers already pay the costs of the system for the energy they consume and that it passes through the system.
  • Those self-consumers, in fact, pay more than their share, because the Spanish electricity system charges tolls more to small consumers than to large ones and more to domestic tariffs than to industrial ones.
  • These self-consumers also pay, like the rest of consumers, the energy coming from the big hydraulics and the nuclear ones at a price much higher than its cost, generating great benefits to some companies that did not make those plants in an open market precisely.
  • These self-consumers allow Spain to get closer to its consumption commitment via Renewable Energy by 2020 that the government is so committed to delay.
  • These self-consumers avoid pollution in the electric generation of kWh that consumes and relieve the electricity networks improving their performance.

And in the end, these self-consumers are not guilty of any of the ills that afflict the Spanish Electricity System. We will not enter here on those who are the culprits, but of course the self-consumers are much more involved in the solution than guilty of the problem.

Let us hope that the new government, although much like the previous one, is right in favor of self-consumption, and that the other side of the Atlantic Trump’s speech remains a mere anecdote of the campaign and that the United States A path that has allowed it in recent years to be one of the countries with the most renewable power incorporated every year.


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